Nouveau Riche

Why is Nouveau Riche the One-Stop-Shop for successful Real Estate Investing?

Because, Nouveau Riche does not just teach Real Estate Investing…we create Real Estate Investors. Nouveau Riche’s blend of education and Community Benefit Companies not only teaches adults the way to CREATE WEALTH through successful Real Estate Investing, but simultaneously offers the support and resources to start investing!

The Nouveau Riche Founders, Jim Piccolo, Mary Piccolo, and Bob Snyder knew that the combination of applied knowledge from the Nouveau Riche College and the support from the Nouveau Riche Community Benefit Companies could change the landscape of an entire industry and perhaps, contribute to changing the world…one family at a time.


Building on a tradition of providing unprecedented value for the ultimate educational experience, Nouveau Riche rockets ahead of the so-called competition with The IntensiveTM. A complimentary benefit to all Nouveau Riche Community Members, this real estate investing workshop is designed to provide additional support and hands-on education to our Students.

During this event, Students will learn:

• How to develop a millionaire investor’s mindset
• The language of real estate investing
• How to avoid the 12 deadly success killers of real estate investing
• How to build and manage teams
• How to find properties
• How to fund property acquisition
• How to fix up and rehab properties
• How to manage properties and your real estate business
• How to tenant properties
• How to sell properties quickly for higher profitability
• Simple strategies to help foster courage in new investors