Nouveau Riche University

Nouveau Riche University is a new multilevel marketed real estate investment program. It consists of three primary parts: a course that claims to teach people how to invest in real estate, a "community" of "investors" who have access to their database of properties to purchase ("Investor Concierge"), and the marketing of the course and community through standard multilevel marketing techniques.

Welcome to an ISA-driven Nouveau Riche University Blog!

Our goal with this blog is to showcase testimonials from the NRU community and share their success stories. It is amazing to see how many lives have been changed for the better because of this awesome opportunity and we are going to showcase as many of these amazing stories as we can here on this blog.

If you are a Nouveau Riche University student, instructor, employee, or independent student advisor, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us and submit your story to be published on this website. Potential topics could include:

- What was your NRU college experience like?

- Who were your favorite instructors and what you have learned so far?

- What real estate investing have you been able to do using the education?

- How has the income opportunity assisted you and your family?

Nouveau Riche University is an unaccredited vocational school specializing in real estate investing. Class topics range from introductory real estate investing to advanced techniques such as creative real estate investing techniques including wholesaling, multi-units, and short sales; examples of course titles are "Fix & Flip" and "Creative Financing." The company claims revenues will top $80 million in 2007, and receives revenue from tuition, commissions on properties sold through affiliated company Investor Concierge, and fees from additional associated companies through sales of ancillary services to students. The company markets its courses through free seminars and through methods some have described as multi-level marketing, which the company states it does not use.