Rodeo Drive breast augmentation

Women choose to have breast augmentation for different reasons. Some desire larger breasts. Others want to replace breast contour that is often lost during pregnancy. In the procedure, an implant is placed underneath the breast tissue. Sometimes it is placed under the chest muscles.

The choice of implant position is based on the shape of your current breast, the amount of breast tissue and overall body size. Incisions are made in one of three locations: Under the nipple, under the breast or in the underarm. Again, the choice of incision position is based on current body and breast shape. For all of them Rodeo Drive can help, this can be called as Beverly hills breast augmentation drive

At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we specialize in tummy tuck surgery. Because they do so many tummy tuck in Beverly hills, they have come to clearly understand the results people are looking for from the procedure. One thing they hear time and again from our prospective tummy tuck patients is that they want a nice looking belly button. To meet these goals, they developed the Rodeo Drive Belly Button™.