Life Lock at Glance

Life lock reviews by consumers clearly shows that lifelock is one authentic site in this area. One such review has been quoted here:

Normally, identity thieves have to do a lot of work to get personal information from their victims. Sometimes all it takes is a small glitch in a computer system to send this information right into the hands of potential identity thieves. The Georgia Blue Cross recently sent the sensitive personal information of over 200,000 people to the wrong addresses. The letters contained all the information thieves need to fully steal someone’s identity. Read More

Life Lock is offering discounted pricing on their identity theft protection service. Along with the discounted price, LifeLock will give you and your kids (if you have any) one free month of service. Just visit the Life Lock Promo Codes site to get the discount code and all the info you need. If you’ve considered enrolling in an ID theft protection service, this is the time to do it. LifeLock is the company to use.

Their service is different from the others in that they can actually prevent identity theft. You know you can trust a company that is willing to back up their claims with a $1,000,000 total service guarantee. Only LifeLock does that.