Learn to play Poker

So, you’ve watched poker on TV, read all the books, and now you can’t wait to get started - great! This is a one-stop tutorial for everyone who wants to learn how to play online poker. The tutorial starts by giving you an idea about what online poker is and includes a few stats posted by major research groups, including the integrity of the poker sites. Then they guide you through the process of downloading the software, creating your first online account.

Poker strategy is for anybody who is serious about becoming a better poker player and wants to be part of the best learning community out there. With over 1,000,000 members there is no end to the amount of help you can get. They offer tons of tools and resources so you can learn and start making money as quickly as possible. They are so confident that they can help you that we give you $50 to start playing just for passing our quiz.

Pokerstrategy gives you the tools to go from a beginner to a professional. By studying our strategy articles, watching the videos, and even participating in the live coaching sessions you can see how people like you have learned to make money by playing Poker online.