Thirst of a Statue

An artist brought her lover home one afternoon. Amongst many statues, sculptures and paintings, she brought him into her bed and they spent the next few hours having a passionate roll in the hay.

As they were lying together in the afterglow, a car was heard pulling into the driveway.
"Oh no!" the woman exclaimed. "My husband's home! I didn't expect him home so early!"

She jumped out of bed and looked for a place for her lover to hide. The bathroom was too obvious, the closet was full of stuff and there were too many art projects under the bed to fit a person. She heard her husband come in the front door.

Suddenly she had an idea. "I know!" she said. "Wait here." She ran into the bathroom, came back with a large bottle of baby powder and moved a few pieces of art to clear a space in the corner of the room.

"Stand here," she said. "Yes, like that. Now stand still." She then proceeded to sprinkle baby powder all over him until he was completely white. "Now stay like that. You're a statue, OK? Don't move!" she said. He stood still.

Her husband came into the room. "Hi, Honey," he said. They hugged. After some conversation, they too hopped into bed for more passionate lovemaking.

A couple hours later, she got up. "I'm going to start the wash in the basement, dear," she said. "Bring the detergent down, will you?" She looked over in the corner. Her lover was still standing motionless.

She left. The husband brought the detergent down and then went to the kitchen and got a glass of ice water. He went back upstairs, walked around the room, stopped at the corner and studied the "statue."

"Here," he said as he offered the glass. "You must be dying of thirst."

The man stood still for another moment and then decided to let his guard down and take the water. "Thanks," he said.

"Sure thing," the husband said. "I know firsthand what it's like being secretly involved with an artist. Just last week I had to stand still for nearly three hours and nobody brought me anything!"