Blackjack Joke

One advantage of playing online blackjack is that you never have to deal with obnoxious dealers demanding tips. Here is how one clever gambler dealt with this unpleasant situation in a Las Vegas casino:

The gambler had a hand of 14 when he got into the argument with the blackjack dealer. The gambler says, "When I get dealt bad cards, it's not the dealer's fault. By the same token, when I get dealt good cards, the dealer has nothing to do with that either, so why should I tip him?"

The dealer asks, "When you eat out in a restaurant, do you tip the waiter?"

The gambler replies, "Yes, I do."

"Well then," says the dealer, "the waiter only serves the food. He has no control over whether it's good or bad. A dealer serves you cards, so you should tip him too."

The gambler says, "OK, but the waiter always serves me what I ask for. I'll take a 7 please."