LJ: I know Everything

Little Johnny comes down for breakfast and his mom is in a bad mood. After a few bites of cereal he asks his mom "How old are you?" Mom gets mad and tells him "that is an impolite question to ask a woman", Johnny thinks for a minute then asks "How much do you weigh Mom?" she almost loses it and tells him off again. Johnny then asks" Mom how come you and Dad got a divorce" Mom loses it and sends Johnny to school.

At school after telling his friends what happened one little boy told Johnny to sneak into his Mom's purse and all the answers would be on her driving license.

Next morning Johnny comes down for breakfast and says "Mom I know how old you are, you're 28" "How do you know that?" she replys. "I'm not stupid you know, I also know how much you weigh; 127 Lbs." Mom is amazed and then Johnny says "I also know why you and Dad divorced, you got an F in sex"